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Digital Humanities 2019 Conference papers


Digital Edition And Linguistic Database: A Fully Lemmatised And Searchable Model

Appendix A

  1. Guillot-Barbance, C., Heiden, S. and Lavrentiev, A. (2017). Base de français médiéval : une base de référence de sources médiévales ouverte et libre au service de la communauté scientifique,
    Diachroniques, 7: 168-84.
  2. Ledgeway, A. (forthcoming). Word Order in the
    Histoire ancienne jusqu’à César. Secrets of Success. Or: How to preserve a Verb Second word order? (Oslo, 10-11 January 2019)
  3. Schøsler, L. and Völker, H. (2014). Intralinguistic and extralinguistic variation factors in Old French negation with 
    ne-pas and
    ne-point across different text types,
    Journal of French Language Studies, 24(1): 127-53.
  4. Morcos, H., Gaunt, S., Ventura, S., Rachetta, M. T. and Ravenhall, H. (eds). (2017-).
    The Histoire ancienne jusqu’à César
    . A digital edition. With technical support from P. Caton, G. Ferraro, M. Husar and G. Noël. Available at:
    https://tvof.ac.uk/histoire-ancienne (Accessed 30 May 2019).

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