Digital Humanities 2019 Conference papers




Author(s) Title
Yann Ciaran Ryan “‘How the World Jogges’: Interconnectedness, Modularity and Virality in Seventeenth Century News”
Amelie Dorn, Eveline Wandl-Vogt, Thomas Palfinger, Roberto Theron, Andy Way, Yalemisew Abgaz, Alejandro Benito, Antonio Losada “A Project Review Under The Focus Of Complexities On The Example Of ExploreAT!”
Adeline Joffres, Mike Priddy, Francesca Morselli, Fatiha Idmhand, Thomas Lebarbé, Caroline Abéla, Xavier Granier, Mehdi Chayani, Paul Bertrand, Xavier Rodier, Christophe Parisse, Céline Poudat, Véronique Ginouvès, Fabrice Melka, Michael Sinatra, Emmanuel Château-Dutier, Jason Camlot, Stéfan Sinclair, Gimena Del Rio Riande, Paula Ricaurte, Isabel Galina Russel, José Francisco Barrón Tovar, Ernesto Priani Saisó, Martin Grandjean, Aurélien Berra, Olivier Baude, Stephane Pouyllau “Building community” at the National and/or International Level in the Context of the Digital Humanities
Ekaterina Mishina “Open List”: How to Collect Primary Data on Soviet Terror
Jonathan Dick, Adam Hammond “The Mold Thats Branded On M Soul”: A Computational Approach to Racialized Voice in Jean Toomer’s “Kabnis”
Brigitte Mathiak, Katja Metzmacher, Patrick Helling, Jonathan Blumtritt “The Role Of Data Archives In The Humanities At The University Of Cologne”
Kees Teszelszky “Alle Begjin Is Swier”: The Use Of The Frisian Web Domain Web Data For Digital Humanities Research
Renana Keydar “Fear in your Eyes”: Analyzing Threat Perception and Its Influence on Deadly Use of Force by Police Officers against Civilians Using Hebrew NLP Tools
Lorna Hughes, Agiatis Benardou “The Ties That Bind’: The Creation, Use, And Sustainability Of Community Generated Histories
Nicolas Larrousse, Christophe Jacobs, Michel Jacobson, Gilles Kagan, Joel Marchand, Cyril Masset “Un Manuscrit Naturellement ” Rescuing a library buried in digital sand
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